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If you want to create a workplace environment that supports menopausal women, you've come to the right place.

You can make a difference.

"The Equality & Human Rights Commission has published new guidance that details legal obligations employers have to follow to support menopausal women in the workplace. We know 1 in ten women end up leaving their job due to their menopausal symptoms so it's hugely important there's a focus on better care for women in the workplace " Louise Newson


  1. Have a supportive and open culture, so women feel they can speak about any symptoms if they choose to do so without fear of ridicule or damage to their careers.
  2. Make managers aware of the potential symptoms and ensure they feel comfortable discussing the menopause. However, warn them not to assume a woman is ‘menopausal’ or to raise the subject directly if she’s not willing to talk about it.
  3. Treat everyone as an individual. Some women won’t have any problems but others will suffer debilitating effects.
  4. Make adjustments as necessary. You might consider:
  • Offering a desk fan.
  • Ensuring the employee works close to toilet facilities.
  • Allowing flexible or home working to help with sleep disturbance.
  • Offering a quiet space to improve concentration or relax.

I can you help you to consider the following to implement the right solution tailored for your business and workplace.

  • Physical aspects of work - Make adjustments in the workplace that enable space and time for short short-term recuperation and management of symptoms.
  • Policy guidance and practice - Integrate your approach to menopause into existing policies or a standalone policy.
  • Supportive workplace cultures - Set up informal support groups to discuss concerns
  • Work design - Check the suitability of certain tasks and assess whether tasks can be re-allocated or modified.
  • Improve Inclusivity in menopause at work by using inclusive language day to day and as standard and throughout policies.

Most importantly, I will educate and train all of your Line Managers and staff and I will provide education and support for your menopausal employees.

All you have to do is care enough to pick up the phone and call me on 07970 692446 or send me an email on

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