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Years ago I saw something in a magazine asking if you are an Orchid or a Dandelion, the inference being do you need perfect surroundings to survive or can you grow and thrive anywhere.

I am a Dandelion, through and through. I had an awful childhood, but I have never let that stand in my way of achieving anything. I’m sure some of that trauma has made me desperate for recognition which has driven me to strive to be the best. Whilst I hate the trauma, I love the result and so I’ve spend many years of my life encouraging friends and family not to be victims of the their past trauma and encouraged them to be the best they can be.

Now, I’m 47 years old, the majority of my friends are experiencing Menopause which is honestly more trauma but it’s also a time of change. As women, we become invisible, we lose our confidence, we feel unattractive, we feel useless and slowly we become what we most feared, irrelevant.

Through my Dandelion brand, I am hoping to bring together like minded women, to encourage, educate and inspire them to curate fun, purposeful lives that leave a legacy for future generations.

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